Betta fish is a popular type of fish which is found in many homes across the world. It is also know as Siamese fighting fish. This type of fish is easier to care for compared to most of the other types of fish. Because of its ease of maintenance, people prefer to purchase this fish for their aquarium.

When you purchase your Betta fish and bring it home, you will find out that there are very colorful and active. After you have had them for a while,If you watch their pattern of movement carefully, you will be able to deduce if something is wrong or your fish is sick. To prevent your fish from having problems or been sick, here are some steps you can take.

Most people don’t use the correct size of bowl for their fish. Get a big enough bowl for your beta fish to swim around. This will help prevent damage to the fins and scale.

Betta fish thrive in clean water. Change the water in the bowl regularly. it is advised to change the water in the bowl every three days.

They is reason why Betta fish are called Siamese fighting fish. Two Betta fish can not live together in a bowl. My advice, don’t try it unless you want a dead fish in your hands.

Allow enough surface space for the fish to be able to get enough oxygen. When the surface of the water is clotted with a lot of stuff, it restrict oxygen to the fish.

Always clean small particles or food that was not eaten from the fish bowl. You can use a turkey baster to get rid of it. if it’s not cleaned, the bowl becomes smelly and cloudy.

A Betta fish bowl should have a PH level of 7. Your can purchase a PH testing kit at your local store. The kit is used to test for the acidity of water.

Only use warm water and brush to clean items of decoration in the bowl. Using soup or solution can  cause the PH level in the water to change thereby killing your fish.

Betta fish are good jumpers. keep the top of your bowl covered or you will find them lying on the ground and gasping for air. Keep the water level in the tank a little lower than the tip of the bowl.

For food, you can get your beta fish brine shrimps, crayfish and betta pellets found in stores. This fish loves to eat live food.

Try and much as possible to exclude rock and hard objects in your fish bowl. Your fish might get stock in them and get injured.

The helpful tips above should be able to help you take care of your Betta fish better.