Betta fish comes in various colors and sizes, each type coupled with it’s own personality. When you spend a lot of time studying these creatures, it’s hard not to fall in love with them. Imagine breeding different types of Betta fish and the assortment and different varieties of color you will be able to produce. It is very possible to make money breeding Bettas. You can start a small scale business breeding Bettas. Here are tips on how to be successful breeding Betta fish.

Following the two week to the period of mating, you have to start making some few adjustment to the Bettas. For example, since energy is required for mating, you have to start feeding them extra food since it will give them more energy. Be careful not to over feed them. Giving them too much food can kill them. Food is known to be one of the foremost killer of Betta fish.

You will also need to get a tank that is divided. Though the tanks will be separated, the Bettas will be able to see themselves through a glass. Do not put them together before the mating commences. The glass is there to make courtship easier. It makes it easier for them when they are finally together in one fish tank. Doing this will ensure a successful mating period.

Never use a running filter in the fish tank your Bettas use for mating. This is one of the common mistakes made by novice betta owners. Most Betta owners are not aware of this. Some of the reason why you should not use a running filter is that the male Betta fish builds up bubbles which will later house the eggs. This is sort of like a nest. Having a filter running will displace the bubble around the nest. It can also kill tiny Betta frys when they are born.

Give your Bettas as much rest as possible before courtship. They need all the rest they can get. You will have the keep the areas as quiet as possible and turn off lights at night so that they get enough sleep.

Look for signs of aggressions when you put the Bettas into one fish tank. if you notice that the male is overly aggressive and the female is stressed, then you should remove the female from the tank and start over another day. Sometimes the male’s aggression might just be a way to get the female attention.