In the natural environment of Betta fish, Bettas normally use plant as a defensive shield. It helps them avoid predators and other aggressive Bettas who feel threatened by their counterparts. In the case of danger, Bettas will normally squeeze in between plants. Due to their nature, it is best to put some sort of plant in your Betta fish tank.

Another major advantage is that it helps in stress reduction for Bettas and also gives them a place to hide whenever they feel a need to be isolated. A lot of pet owners will prefer to have artificial plants in the tanks but it is advisable to get a real plant because real plants helps to get rid of the chemical byproducts which are harmful to the fish in the tank. These byproducts include nitrates, ammonia and nitrate.

It also helps the keep the water oxygenated by getting rid of the carbon in the tank and releasing oxygen into the tank. Bettas thrive well in oxygenated tanks.

If you must get a real plant, get plants that are soft with a lot of leaves. It helps prevent the Betta scales from getting damaged and gives them the ability to squeeze in between leaves.

Your plants should be located in a place were it has access to light. Plants without access to light will quickly decay and die. Recommended plants for Betta fish tanks are water sprite, Hornwort etc. Male Bettas use these leaves during mating season to protect their nest.

Keep an eye out for dead plants. Remove them as quickly as possible when you find that they are dyeing. If you don’t remove them on time, they might contaminate the water which can be very harmful to your Beta fish.

Java moss and ferns can easily live in water that those not have a filtration system. It does not require much light and it best for fish tanks that are not close to places were there is adequate sunlight.

If you are looking for live plants for your Betta, you can find them in your aquarium stores. You may also look for them at your local store and you can definitely order them online. Before purchasing your plant, inspect it thoroughly to make sure that it is bright green and looks very healthy. Check for spots on them to make sure it does not contain and sort of fungus or parasite.

If you decide to go with artificial plants, get the ones that are soft and that will not cause any damage to your Bettas. Unlike artificial plants, real ones are always the best option.