Caring for a male betta fish is much easier that some aquarium species, as long as owners keep some simple tips in mind. Also known as the Chinese fighting fish, the male is very aggressive and territorial.

This is why two males may fight, when placed in a tank together. They can be placed with other fish and can do well in a communal aquarium. As long as there are no other male bettas, they cause little trouble. Some species they may get along well with are tetras, mollies and gold fish. All those breeds are fairly docile and are usually smaller than bettas. They can get along with females, but may still be aggressive with unfamiliar fish.

When place the showy fish in a tank with others, it should not contain males of species known to be aggressive. Bettas can actually be picked on, though they are known for being aggressive. The betta can also be placed in a simple aquarium, by itself. There is no need for a filtration system or fancy lighting. They will do just as well in a single, round bowl.

These creatures are beautiful to watch and can provide plenty of entertainment. The Male Betta Fish flares or shows off his feathery tail, when threatened. Families who cannot have other pets or who simply want a pet that is low maintenance, can consider this species as a viable option. There are no additional costs for maintaining such a fish, other than food.

This creature can make a suitable pet for a college student, teen or younger child. Smaller children can learn about care and feeding, without feeling overwhelmed. A small amount of fish flakes daily provides plenty of nutrients. Bettas like to swim around obstacles and aquarium plants, like other fish. An occasional cleaning of the bowl is the only additional care the Male Betta Fish will need.

Most pet stores that carry a variety of aquarium species will carry bettas. Sometimes they can be found at carnivals as well. When the fish arrives at his new destination, he should be acclimated to the bowl slowly, while also adding the water that he came in.