Before you consider purchasing any kind of Betta fish, you need consider what type of fish tank you will require. Knowing the best type of fish tank for your betta fish will go a long way to help increase the quality of lifeĀ  for your fish. Here, we will look at the pros and cons of the different type of Betta fish tank

If you remember the last time you went to a pet shop, you will notice the different kind of fish tanks. Some of the tanks were in poor condition and others just put out for decoration to attract the inexperienced buyers. You will even find some fish tank that allow no water movement at all. Pet shop owners are there to make money, so they normally sell you what they have but you have to do your own research before venturing into a pet shop to buy a fish tank.

Many of the fish tanks for your Betta fish are not really the best tanks required for this particular type of fish. They are a couple of things to consider when looking for a fish tank for a Betta fish. They are size, type of material used in the manufacturing the tank and also the design of the tank. We are going to be going over them.

Betta Fish Tanks
You will find most Betta fish in bowls because that is the cheapest type of home you can get for them. Any experienced Betta fish owner will know that when you transfer this fish from a relatively small bowl to a bigger tank, you will significantly notice a change in health. The health of the fish will improve drastically because it gets enough exercise and better circulation of clean water. Try and use a nothing smaller that a five gallon tank for your Betta fish tank.

Betta Fish Tank Material
Most people go into the pet store and just grab whatever Betta fish tank they see. Most tanks come in three different type of material. They are plastic, glass or acrylic. Do not choose plastic because it is bad with sunlight and tends to fade rather easily. Glass is more common and cheaper but if you have the money, I would suggest you go for acrylic. This is the best type of material for your Beta fish tank.

Betta Fish Tank Shape
When buying Betta fish tank, look for tanks that are rectangular in nature and are long and shallow instead of deep tanks.

By giving your Betta fish the best tank, you will be growing a healthy happy fish which you will enjoy in a long time to come.